Tuesday, July 17, 2018
BPO-9000 Water Ionizer

The BPO-9000 Water Ionizer is one-of-a-kind system that can generate healthy drinking water. Its alkaline drinking water not only can penetrate into body cells with rapid rate, but also neutralise the free radical in our body. It helps to keep good health, and to reduce the rate of aging as well.

The leading technologies of BPO-9000 Water Ionizer include:
1. Constant control of pH and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential);
2. Extra-large Electrolysis chamber;
3. Baked Platinum-Titanium plates which is replaceable and refurnishable;
4. Large color LCD displays accurate ORP & pH level...etc.

All these remarkable features make BPO-9000 Water Ionizer with outstanding quality, functionality and durability.


On top of using the membrane technology, BPO-9000 Water Ionizer is uniquely designed to accommodate your needs for convenience and effectiveness such as:

• It produces ionised drinking water that is anti-oxidant.
• It produces Alkaline Water that enriches with minerals.
• It is full automated system.
• It has 0.1 micron membrane technology to remove Bacteria in water.
• It provides good output flow (2~4 liters/minutes)
• It has lower maintenance cost.

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