Tuesday, July 17, 2018

BPO-5S Energy Drinking Water System

Compare to other drinking water system, the BPO-5S has overcome the major problems:

  • Owner needs to clean the pre-filter frequently
  • Output flow is too slow and inconvenient to use
  • Worse, most of the pre-filter( with 0.5~0.9 micron) can not remove bacteria in water !

Try the amazing experience today !


On top of using the membrane technology, BPO-5S Energy-Drinking Water System is uniquely designed to accommodate your needs for convenience and effectiveness such as:

•  It is totally free from frequent cleaning
•  It has 0.1 micron membrane technology to remove Bacteria in water
•  It provides good output flow ( 2~4 liters/minutes)
•  It is Energitic Drinking Water
•  It is Mineralised Alkaline Water
•  It has lower maintenance cost

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