Tuesday, July 17, 2018


It is derived from polluted-free marine life, such as pearl, shell which extracted by using nano-technology in high vacuum condition. It is water-soluble forms and absorb by body easily. CaMex contains rich minerals which helps body to detoxify effectively, especially in cleansing the intestine, stomach and blood vessels. It is also helps to regulate internal organs functions.

100% natural active calcium which balance Yin and Yang in the body based on ancient Chinese Therapy – 5 kinds of taste and sensations to know your state of health.

Extracted by using nano-technology in active calcium ingredients which produce very tiny molecules powder form that can absorb by the body easily.

Ingredients (mg per capsule) Packaging Size
Margarita - 250mg
380mg x 70 capsule
Concha Margaritifera Usta - 80mg
MAL 07021383TC
Concha Ostrea Gigas - 50mg



  1. Purify blood, prevent anemia
  2. Regulate and rejuvanate the body function
  3. Strengthen bone structure, prevent osteoporosis
  4. Activate body’s enzymes. Delay cell aging process
  5. Strengthen body’s immune system. Enhance body’s resistance to diseases
  6. Prevent constipation, purifying the digestive system; detoxify the body
  7. Promote cardiovascular and cerebro vascular health
  8. Improve eye sight, prevent cataract
  9. Revitalize and activate brain cells
  10. Promote and regulate the endocrine system
  11. Enhance the function of the uterus
  12. Improve skin texture, prevent pimple, spots and freckles
  13. Eliminate body odour, bad breathe and smelly feet
  14. Strengthen kidney and liver metabolism
  15. Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal
  16. Strengthen nervous system, release anxiety
  17. Neutralize acidic body


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