Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chest Holder
  1. In accordance to theory of sciences, medical, chiropractic and ergonomic designed. With“U”shape unique designed which helps to pushing up the bulges fatty deposits at armpits, back and waist area to the bra cup in order to uplifting the breast and create a solid shape.
  2. 8 memory steel bone bodice helps to tone excessive fats from abdomen and midriff to move upward towards chest while flatten tummy to protrude the waistline contour.
  3. Helps to prevent sagging and wider breast.
  4. Helps to correct humpback & improper posture of ladies.
  5. Straighten back bone and preventions of unaligned of spinal structure while helps to regulate digestive system and promote better metabolism.
  6. Helps to strengthen the function of internal organs and regulates autonomic system in body.It is also good for restoration from Lipo-sucction.
Long Girdle
  1. 3D ergonomic cutting design effective to slim thigh and up-lifting buttock.
  2. Double layered front panel for strong compression to flatten tummy and enhance digestive system while reduce pre-menstrual symptoms of lady.
  3. 3D girdle pocket to support buttock and build a shapelier buttock.
  4. Hems are embellished with intricate lace in interweave pattern to prevent curve effect and slim thigh without pressure.

    Washing instructions
  1. Dilute the detergent in cold water that is less than 30˚c. Soak the garments for 5-10 minutes while rubbing them gently by hand.
  2. Rinse with clean water after that, press dry with a towel and air-dry them in a well ventilated spot.
  3. Do not place the garments under direct sunlight. Wash dark and light colours separately. Your delicate undergarments depends on your careful protection!
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