Monday, June 18, 2018

Method of use and precautions for “Vertebra Stretching Balancer”



By sitting on floor or stiff bed straighten the body and extend the legs. With the eyes looking straight, both hands hold one end ‘a’ of “Vertebra Stretching Balancer” against buttock and then lie down slowly.  To get better results, stretch out both hands towards the head.




For problems of waist and legs, please place the higher end ‘a’ of “Vertebra Stretching Balancer” against the waist; for problems of hunchbacked, neck and shoulder; place the higher end against the back.



“Lying Position”

Each use should not exceed 5-10 minutes, but frequency of use is not limited. For general health care, use for 2 times daily whereas for therapeutic purpose use at least 6 times daily.


“Sitting Position”
Can be used on the back of chair or sofa, to prevent “C-shaped” vertebra that can affect the health.  There is no limit for the frequency and period of use, the more the better.



Vertebra Stretching Balancer

Not recommended for use while driving, except when stop driving for rest. The back rest of chair can be lowered to flat, then lie down and stretch for few minutes to alleviate tiredness and protect vertebra.


For the elderly and sick people, carpet or cotton bed sheet can be laid on the “Vertebra Stretching Balancer” to avoid discomfort.


Those with cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, anemia… and so on may have dizziness and even vomiting while using “Vertebra Stretching Balancer”, please do not be panicked and stand up instantly. When use again, place pillow beneath the head so that level of head is higher than heart, then lower down the pillow slowly till without use of pillow at the end. Period and frequency of use should be increased gradually as undue haste will cause unnecessary trouble.


There may be reactions such as pain, dizziness, tired, skin itching, abnormal in passing motion… and so on. Please do not worry as these are normal phenomena, continue using it until healed.


Vertebra Stretching Balancer” is healthcare equipment that can protect against vertebral diseases and pathological changes due to vertebral disorders. Please seek treatment promptly if the symptoms persist after continuous use of 2 weeks.


Vertebra Stretching Balancer” is not only healthcare equipment but also an adjunct for therapeutic equipment. If used in combination with therapy for at least 6 times daily with 10 minutes for each, the course of therapy will be shortened with faster healing, thus saving on time and cost.

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