Isnin, Jun 18, 2018
BPO 6G Water Safety System (WSS) is a latest technology outdoor water filtration system which is a MUST item for each household. It helps to remove un-dissolved impurities, such as harmful mould, protozoan, bacteria and virus effectively while preserve the minerals and chlorine in the water. It has a unique “Clean Water Zone” to ensure your whole family enjoy the hygienic clean water and away from the contaminated water zone which using normal back-flushing system. It is the best quality water to bring your family towards a quality and healthy life …

6 Reasons to choose BPO 6G
. “Go Green”: 6 years comprehensive warranty (only with service from BPO Servicing Team)
2. The safest clean water
water_safety23. Fully automated system
4. Non-Backwash, ensure clean water zone free from contamination
5. WaterInno Award Winner 2009
6. Compact size and elegance design

Innovative advantages

1.    Filtered out different kind of materials:
  • Bacteria : 0.22-4 micron
  • Virus : 0.02-0.35 micron
  • Slurry : 200-1000 micron
  • Rusty : 10-1000 micron
  • Chemicals : 0.02-0.09 micron
  • Decomposed materials : 0.03-3 micron
2.    Bacteria free
3.    Turbidity 0.1 NTU
4.    Automatic daily flushing system
5.    Preserve mineral
6.    Latest Germany technology
7.    Nihon antipollutant technology system
8.    Vitalization of water
9.    Compact piping system

Core Material-The hollow fibre

Hollow Fibre membrane Material 0.01micron
Diameter: 1mm
Length: 1.08M
Quantity of membrane: 1500 pieces


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