KZ-Collagen is an additional drinks whereby its functions is to complete lack of supply of collagen in our body. By consume it regularly, it keeping your skin healthy and reducing joint pain. It is made from natural ingredients. Therefore, it is safe to consume.

To maximize the function of collagen, keep the collagen supplied into the body by drinking KZ-Collagen. This additional drinks provides a new look to your skin and keeping it healthy, reducing the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen nails and improve the hair structure. If the beverage is taken before exercise or any physical activity, collagen function is at best because it will increase energy and performance.


Retain moisture and prevent wrinkles - Collagen helps overcome the water shortage that causes dryness of the skin at once beautify and invigorate the skin and prevent aging.

Beautify and nourish the hair - Collagen content in the korium layer is supplying nutrients to the epidermis , hair and nails so that it remains beautiful and look more alive.

Strengthen bones - Adequate intake of collagen can restore normal thus further delay osteoporosis, which can not be avoided by simply taking calcium supplements.

Brighten skin and reduce pigment - Collagen accelerates the development of new cells, further it can effectively prevent the accumulation of pigment and help brighten the skin.

Lifting and firming breast - Actually breast-network is formed by connective tissue, and the fat, which acts as a referee for the formation of the breast. Collagen is the main component of the connecting links and act with protein polysaccharides to form a strong network to support and tighten the breast so that it more beautiful.


1 sachet each day before breakfast. More delicious if served chilled. Drink at least 8 glasses of plain water daily.

First timer: 1 sachet per day. Drink 10-14 times continuously.

You can see the difference in 10-14 days, depending on individual body system response.